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Be Immersed In A Real-Life Escape Game

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You enter the room and the door closes behind you. You look around. You are inside the puzzle! What are you doing here? And how will you get out? Does your team have what it takes to escape? This is your story.

Escape Again puts your team inside a real-life escape game. Once inside one of our themed rooms you will be completely immersed in the game. Your challenge is to solve the puzzle, beat the clock and escape. All of the clues you need are in the room. But you’d better start thinking because the clock is ticking!

Escape rooms are the perfect team building experience or group activity. Your common goal is to escape and the only way to do that is to work together to solve the mystery. Ideal for sporting teams, work colleagues or groups of friends and family. If your team is up for the challenge, then Escape Again Rooms is waiting for you!

Why Escape Again Rooms?

Created by escape room enthusiasts

Escape Again Rooms was created by escape room enthusiasts for escape room enthusiasts. We do own an escape room, but, more importantly, we love to play escape rooms. Most of the time we escape, occasionally we have set records and there are still times we have to use a clue because someone did not look under the rug.

family owned and operated

Escape Again Rooms is family owned and operated. The best part of owning a Houston escape room business is designing the playing experiences. We create our rooms from scratch, bringing our love of game, puzzle and escape rooms into every space we design.

memorable experience for all ages

We have three escape rooms and can host up to 28 people playing simultaneously.  Customize a memorable experience for friends, family and co-workers. There is nothing like escaping from the ordinary.

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Our facility offers three different escape rooms where four to 28 people can play simultaneously. 

Bring your team by before the start of an upcoming project and focus on developing a team bond and commitment.

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