Escape Again Rooms is a great place to create a memorable experience for your child’s special event. We have found that groups that follow these tips maximize their time and increase the enjoyment of their experience. Please refer to the Wizard Quest page for more detailed information for that specific room.

• Have your guests arrive 30 minutes before the scheduled start time. This allows a few extra minutes for all of the guests to get settled so that we can start prepping teams 15 minutes before their scheduled escape time.

• Children 13 and under must have an adult in the room or take advantage of having one of our game masters in the room instead for $20.

• Escape Again reserves the right to send in a game master to play with any team if they are not following the rules.

• We recommend Santa’s Sleigh Ride for any children’s party. The Hike can be modified for children but they need to be at least 10 years old. The Seance is only recommended for children 13 or older as it is dark and has some scary sounds. Please refer to the Wizard Quest page for age guidelines pertaining to this room.

• We do not recommend parties for children younger than ten.

• The party rooms are great places to host your group after they escape. Take advantage of using our space for pizza, cake and presents. Your home will thank you later.

• Please keep in mind that we are a place of business and other customers will be here playing during your parties. We do not allow running, screaming or loud music in the facility.