All rooms are always private.
OPEN Tues-Sun all Summer


It is a time of unrest in the wizarding world. Zadimus Razor has captured Dragonfire and his power is beyond compare. You, brave wizards, will apparate into Zadimus’s castle, free the captured dragon eggs and then reclaim the crown Zadimus stole. You are our only hope!

Wizard Special Guidelines

Wizzards Tale Booking Photo
Starting at $34/person


Easily one of the best escape rooms I have ever experienced!  My husband and I did A Wizard’s Tale and loved each and every puzzle in the room(s)!  We managed to complete the room only 1 minute after time was up, which I’ll still count as a win.  It was an amazing experience and I can’t wait to go back to try another one!

– Bon C



Houston’s top Escape Rooms by far. We were completely immersed in each room! That is hard to do for us, as we aren’t easily impressed because of how often we go to Escape rooms around the US.

– Katherine W.