All rooms are always private.
OPEN Tues-Sun all Summer


This is your last stop on the tour of Texas. As you step off the bus, you are traveling back in time. This historic building may seem like a classic one room schoolhouse but urban legend claims this is the hideout of the notorious train robber… The Rattlesnake.

Outlaw Guidelines

Starting at $32 /person

I was expecting it to be some lame thing but NO it was actually pretty fun when we finished the room there was more rooms to find clues. I love that the GM was into its character, and was helpful throughout the game when we felt lost. I would definitely do it again.

– Ely C.


My family and I had the best time there! We were celebrating one of our birthdays. I know we will be back and hopefully they will have a new room for us to figure out.

– Marilia S.